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Company Introduction

Please allow me to provide you with a comprehensive overview of our company`s business portfolio enabling you to explore potential areas of cooperation and mutual interest.

Hireltech Ltd. has an established track record of providing high quality, resource efficient, and market tailored services to its partners at competitive prices.

Services for producers and distributors:

Our core activity revolves around the maintenance, servicing and assembly of consumer electronics, industrial and automotive electronics with more than twenty years` of experience.

  • Installation, design, maintenance and calibration of IT systems
  • Performance monitoring and technical troubleshooting for PC networks
  • Maintenance, installation, servicing of video surveillance and alarm systems
  • Maintenance and technical support for video and audio studios
  • Servicing and producing of automotive electronics
  • Servicing of cash registers
  • Maintenance and servicing of household appliances
  • Countrywide service coverage through partner networks
  • Excellent customer service and request prioritization
  • The execution of the above mentioned activities through a highly skilled workforce and advanced technical equipment
  • Know how regarding the latest technologies and processes
  • Maintenance and production of electronic panels for industry or automotive production
  • Competitive brand introduction
  • Comprehensive and flexible client services
  • Brand representation, wholesale distribution
  • Online information system for clients and partners enabling real time monitoring of project implementation
  • Centralized customer service
  • Highly skilled and experienced staff for on-site support
  • Central servicing of item categories including logistical support at national level through external partners
  • 72 hour returned item handling for retailers
  • Stocking and logistical services
  • Construction of water and gas networks through our subsidiary

Operational principles:

  • excellent coordination, centralized processes
  • established customer service processes
  • efficient service network
  • rapid implementation depending upon spare part supply network and documentation requests
  • efficient resource allocation
  • recycling of irreparable or permanently defunct devices
  • established implementation reporting through individual developable software infrastructure
  • efficient allocation of human and technical resources
  • fast information management and client liaison
  • technical training and information dissemination

Corporate location:

Budapest offices (workspace 114 m2, and 150 m2 respectively)

1089 Budapest, Orczy u.2.
1093 Budapest, Mihálkovics u.18.


Engeneer: 1 Person
IT specialist: 2 Persons
Technician: 4 Persons
Customer service specialist: 2 Persons

Staffing levels can be increased subject to contractual agreement and project assignment.

Car park:

One minivan

Business philosophy:

Hireltech Ltd.`s top priority is to meet our commitments and provide high quality services to our customers and partners. The company focuses on devising a strategy of establishing and consolidating long-term relationships upon exceeding expectations, facilitation of feedback and time efficient project completion. We retain a strong focus on training and expertise development for our members of staff. Our company has successfully obtained the ISO 9001 2009 certification.

References: Sony, Thomson, Grundig, Canon, JBL / Harman, Harman/Kardon Intertourist, Konzumex and thousands of satisfied customers.

Please allow me to convey my gratitude for your interest in Hireltech Ltd. Should you have any further enquiries about any of the service outlined in the introductory section please reach out to us in order to explore potentail business opportunitites.

Best regards,

Hubai István
Ügyvezető igazgató CT.

Phone: + 36 20 9426507

E-mail: hireltech.kft@sonymarkaszerviz.eu